Poema de Amor

      de Guillermo Ibáñez
 Castellano -  Catalan -  Francés -  Italiano -  Inglés -  Alemán
 Portugués -   Hebreo

Love poem


for you are
as noon breeze
as the company of a guitar
sunset silence
as a sacred rite culmination
constellation that comprehends the Universe
shade and water for the walker of the desert
vestal in the hell ailes
angel in the clouds in the sky
that you are as a little river
without deepnesses nor turbulences
fugitive in the presence of skin
lasting in all memories
even in that of my death
an primal path of hope


for you with sighs of last good bye
bird lightness and tip-top step
sympathy and feline look
at the edge of falling on its prey
with dreams of birds and landscapes
trembling of vibratile and sensitive skin
room for the world in your heart
and caresses awakening over everybody
with air nymph body
eternal dawn look
piano music in baroque parlor
and dancing movements as a Degas figure
with hands of wind, of tenderness, of shelter
in the hollow of the hands of a thirsty


with eyes as oasis illusion
in the hopelessnes of the years
eyes of voracious flames
when you light the room
and pour toward me
when you atract me their its glow
and lock me within your name
eyes like labyrithin where I get into
even knowing no Ariadna
remained with the skein for the return
because to get lost in you
is like finding oneself
in that suprem instance
that some time in life
love offers us,


With sex of joy and torment
sex of sunset and avernus
where could get strayed
that unnamed walker of my days
sex of unknown percourse
where I could be
the new argonaut
with my beating vessel
memorable sex
in tha jail of oblivion
sex of elegy after having devoured me
with sex of flower and madness
with sex of perfect forge
to procreate
a new human with no anguishes


with voice of resonance
in the levels of air
voice of lull and calm
of breeze
among the tree leaves
voice of whisper
in the emptiness of waiting
voice of confession and prayer
voice of water
against the shore rocks
with voice of shout of freedom
in the exile of the word
and with silence
of chained lover
to whom you love


with seagull body
against the wind
Venus body
full as a sail
foam body
smoothly gliding over the sand
body with nail traces
and desperation
with hands traces
grabbed to the reality of your shape
with body of hidden misteries
and angular stone of life
with body of birth and fruit
with body of eternal furor
in the hands of my first demency.